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marriage thoughts

Oct. 19th, 2014 | 05:37 pm

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." - Romans 3:23, KJV

everybody knows that everybody else is screwed up.
the whole world is screwed up.
at every time and in every age there has been genocide, war, epidemics, disasters, rape, abuse, perversion, and corruption.
in the ancient world, there was idolatry, exploitation, slavery, murder.
in today's world, there is idolatry, exploitation, slavery, murder.
for all have found themselves to be less than the glory of God.

"Nobody's perfect."

Christians make a practice of confessing their sins weekly at church and daily in their personal lives.
we are painfully aware of how far we have fallen from the perfection of Christ.
human beings in general are painfully aware of the depravity of humanity.
and so it follows that every individual is consumed by sin in one way or another.

"Everyone has problems."

of course, we know that Christ was the perfect passover Lamb who was sacrificed for our sake, and we are no longer slaves to sin.
the most true thing about humanity is not that we are sinners.
the most true thing about humanity is not that we are sinners.
the most true thing about humanity is that we are made in the image of God, and we are dearly beloved by the Creator of the universe in a way that is so deep that it is unfathomable.
this is the contradiction in which Christians live: Christ has made us sinless, and yet we sin.
God has forgiven us, and yet we still require His forgiveness.
God through Christ has made us perfect, and yet, nobody's perfect.

it is in this contradiction that we find the reality of grace.
we have not and will never meet the mark that God has called us to.
but when God looks at us, He sees the perfection of Christ.
He has immediate relationship with us and meets us exactly where we are, and He picks us up when we fall down.
this is the beautiful, real contradiction that is the heart of Christianity: sinless sinners, perfect imperfection, incorruptible corruption.
and we also know that Christ will return to this earth to claim his Church and restore it from this contradiction, and then we will know immortality and true goodness and become perfect love.

isn't theology a wonderful thing?

now let's get our heads out of the clouds, however True and captivating, and think about everyday life.

isn't it an exciting thing to flirt?
doesn't your heart race when someone you don't know well acts as if they might like to?
doesn't it make your imagination run wild when you imagine what a new relationship might be?
you paint a picture in your head of the other person.
of course, nobody's perfect, and everybody's screwed up, but this guy (or gal) is far more wonderful than flawed.
they're attractive, they're smart, they're charming, they're respectful.
they have a great fashion sense, they're talented, they're Godly.

it is a tricky thing to consider that a relationship that begins in such a thrilling manner could ever wind itself down the treacherous road that leads to divorce.

"The grass is always greener on the other side."

humans in general have an extreme distaste for monotony.
we have our routines and our comfort zones, but we are terrified of boredom.
we are excited by the new, the up-and-coming, the unknown.

it is so easy to paint a perfect picture of someone you do not know.
it is impossible to paint a perfect picture of someone you truly know.

as relationships progress, especially romantic relationships, couples begin to know each other.
in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word "yada", which means to know, was often used to refer to sexual intercourse.
this implies an extraordinarily subjective view of knowledge (these thoughts courtesy of my Christian Doctrine professor).
to know someone is to be extremely intimate and close with them - and in the marriage relationship, to know someone is to be literally as physically close and unified with someone else as is humanly possible.

to know someone is to see them for who they are.
they are not perfect.
they are screwed up.
they have major problems.
but to truly know someone, you must choose to love them anyway.

you must both know the worst and the best of each other.
you must both know the deepest, most secret places of each other's hearts.
you must understand each other's desires, needs, and flaws.

you must also allow yourselves to be fully immersed in each other's successes.
you must experience your partner's goodness and everything about them that made you fall in love with them in the first place.
you must allow yourself to be fully encompassed by your respect and admiration and excitement and joy for your life's partner.
you must allow yourself to fully experience what it is to be in love.
and you must choose to love each other, for better or for worse.

it is a hard thing.
it is easier to desire "the grass on the other side" because it is new and unknown and undoubtedly better.
it is easy to think, "this person, who i do not know, must be better than my lover who i know so well."

what do we think of when we consider a break-up or a divorce?
"i'm not really sure if this will work out in the long run."
"he has too many psychological problems."
"she is so immature sometimes."
"he has too many health problems."
"she's so slow and selfish."

"there are so many other, better people out there."
"other guys have more self esteem."
"other girls are wiser and more patient."
"other guys are healthier and take better care of themselves."
"other girls are much more low-maintenance."

but there is danger in this thought of other people.
other people denotes people who we do not know.
people who we cannot know because we have not seen them at their worst - or their best.
people who we have not cried with.
people who we have not taken care of.
people who have not taken care of us.
people who have only shown us their favorite parts of themselves and not their whole self.

"Nobody's perfect."
"Everyone has problems."
"Everyone's messed up."

and yet - if we don't know someone - maybe they are the exception to the rule.
maybe there is someone out there who exists, who we just haven't met yet, who breaks the status quo.
maybe the perfect, Christlike, funny, confident, attractive guy is still out there and we settled down too quick with the wrong one.
maybe the perfect, wise, Godly, beautiful, impeccable woman is just waiting for you to leave your old wife and marry her instead.

but there is not truth in maybe.
there is only truth in knowing someone else.
and this is why marriage is so scary - because we have to give up on finding something better.
we have to accept the person who is in front of us - who we really know - and we have to choose to be their best friend, their biggest fan, their provider, their support, through thick and thin, for better or for worse.

it is a hard thing.
but it is worth it.
give up on looking for something better.
this is it. this is your marriage and your partner for life.
they are enough.
marriage is messy and difficult and flawed and frustrating.
but it is also beautiful and joyful and safe and remarkable.
choose your spouse.
choose them every day, again and again, no matter what.

and if you really knew all those "other people" out there, you would know that you weren't missing out on anything.

we're all messed up.


i have come to believe that there is universal truth in cliché phrases.


P.S. if you are in an abusive relationship or marriage that is destructive to you physically, emotionally, and/or mentally in a severe way, THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER! don't give up on finding it! this post is about healthy relationships and marriages that are founded in God's love, in mutual respect, and in honoring one another with each other's actions and words.


P.P.S. i can't wait to be Mrs. Zachary Taylor (:

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be yourself.

Jun. 1st, 2011 | 03:45 pm
music: the middle - jimmy eat world

hey - don't write yourself off yet
it's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
just try your best, try everything you can
and don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away

it just takes some time
little girl, you're in the middle of the ride
everything, everything will be just fine
everything, everything will alright, alright

hey - you know they're all the same
you know you're doing better on your own, so don't buy in
live right now, yeah just be yourself
it doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else

i was so frustrated with life in middle school.
i was super shy and awkward and didn't have many friends and i was very close to agnosticism if not atheism.
i always remember people telling me, "just be yourself!"
and it ticked me off because i didn't understand what that meant! of course i'll be myself, i'm stuck being me for my whole life, how do you not be yourself?
it didn't seem like advice; i still didn't know what it meant to "be yourself". it just seemed like an empty saying.

but i'm starting to figure it out.

life is so much more refreshing when you don't give a crap what other people think about you.
being yourself is not being worried about how you should act, how you should look, what kind of people you should try to make friends with, where and with whom you should be seen.
i still struggle with it, but i've come a long way.

i go to a week long christian family camp in the blue ridge mountains every summer and it is always so life-changing. just spending time with people who love God as much as you do is so refreshing.
two camps ago, i woke up late (as usual) and really had to hurry to get to the morning teaching on time.
but i HAD to put makeup on.
i rushed and rushed and my hair looked bad and i was freaking out and i had to go out to my parents' car to put my makeup on and as i started i just stopped and starting crying because i realized how immobilized i was.
i felt ugly and unpresentable without makeup.
i felt like i needed it to go out in public and that i looked atrocious without it.
i was so immobilized by that need to have makeup on my face that i missed the entire teaching because i was too embarrassed to go in half an hour late when i had finally cleaned myself up.
i sat outside the hall until it was over.
and later i was too ashamed to admit i had missed it.
that's when i really realized that i had a problem.
i prayed that God would help me with it, and i have come so far!
i feel beautiful without a speck of makeup on my face, with my hair messed up, in average-looking clothes, because God made me just the way i am and that is perfectly beautiful.
who cares what anyone else thinks anyway?

being yourself is not being ashamed or embarrassed of any part of yourself.
i still have plenty of days when i feel self-conscious, but my best times are had when i just let go and stop caring.
i'm not saying you should just look like a slob all the time, and i still try to look nice every day, but i know that i'm beautiful no matter what i have on my face or how my hair looks.

one of my biggest problems has been judging others.
i didn't want to be seen hanging out with anyone who was considered "weird".
i would reject friendships from beautiful people because i thought i would look bad for being friends with them.
being yourself means not caring how you look to other people.
the people society labels as unworthy or weird are many times the people who have the most to offer.
i still struggle with this, but i've learned to ignore that thought that used to creep up so frequently - "what if other people see me with these people? what will they think?"
who cares what they think!?
i'm gonna do me.

the only opinion that matters is God's, and God calls us to love everyone and ourselves without shame.

being yourself means being confident that you have something to offer whether other people see it or not - and it doesn't matter if they ever see it. it doesn't matter if people think you're a creep, loser, freak, lazy, weird, stupid, rude, or anything that you're not. people can (and will) believe lies about you for your whole life, but it doesn't matter. all that matters is what God thinks, and He sees you for who you truly are.

being yourself means embracing who God sees you to be.
being yourself means not being afraid.
being yourself means letting loose in public.
being yourself means doing whatever you want to do with your life and not caring what anyone else says about it.
being yourself means not being self-conscious.
being yourself means not being ashamed.
being yourself means not putting on an act to please others.

what does being yourself mean to you?

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i don't need a soul to hold

May. 14th, 2011 | 11:51 pm
music: i don't need a soul - relient k

it's frustrating when you care about people more than they care about you.
it makes you feel small and worthless.
sometimes i let it beat me down.
lately i've felt this way a lot... and i've been going to people for support rather than God.
i've been thinking in facebook statuses/tweets rather than praying because i'm looking for attention from people rather than real help from God.
and today i thought about God's side...

it's frustrating when you care about people more than they care about you.
who is this more true for than God?
God's love for us is so true and completely encompassing and unfathomable...
it never wavers, it never fades, even if we forget altogether about God.
how must He feel?
humans aren't even capable of loving God the way He loves us.
we are constantly turning our backs on Him and disappointing Him and valuing other things and people above Him.
and yet He still remains unchanged in His total love.

before i'm going to be frustrated about people not caring about me as much as i care about them,
i need to think about the fact that God loves me way more than i could ever love Him, and yet He loves me perfectly no matter how imperfect i am.
God even loves the people who are vehemently opposed to the idea of His existence,
so who am i to let myself mope around because there are a few people who mean more to me than i mean to them?
so many people reject Jesus Christ every day, the only perfect man to ever walk the earth.
so OBVIOUSLY some people are gonna reject me.
it doesn't mean i'm worthless.
and it doesn't mean i'm justified in treating them badly or loving them any less than Jesus loves them.

i need guidance from God, not from people.
people will always disappoint.
God never will.
thank God He doesn't give up on me as soon as i start to value someone or something above Him.
who am i to give up on someone as soon as they seem not to value me?
it doesn't mean i have to let myself be pushed around... it just means...
Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for EVERY human being on earth, even the ones who constantly reject him.
so i should always be willing to sacrifice myself for others, even the ones who don't care about me.

i am an ambassador for Christ, and this is my prayer that God will show me how to represent Him better every day.
let me shine like the light You've made me to be.
let me value You above everything else all the time.
let me always embrace Your unfailing love, peace, and joy.
let me grow more and more like Christ every day and learn how to treat others with his love.
let me not be held back by people, but rather give selflessly to all no matter how they treat me.
guard and protect my heart and remind me to run back into Your loving arms whenever i go astray.

in a nutshell: people suck. God rules.

i don't need a soul, no i don't need a soul to hold.
without you i'm still whole, you and life remain beautiful.
cuz the sun still burns the shadows out, and there's nothing to complain about now
- i don't need a soul, relient k

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more praise.

Mar. 11th, 2011 | 11:07 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: nicest kids in town stuck in my headdd

God has blessed me so abundantly it's ridiculous.
I feel like listing a few things that have happened this year to remind myself how much God has taken and is always taking care of me and also to give Him all the glory!

- i got a $9,000 a year academic merit scholarship for belmont (:
- i will hear at the end of this month about music scholarships/financial aid for belmont!
- i got asked to prom :P
- i'm the understudy for Tracy in Hairspray!
- i won most musical senior superlative for the yearbook :D
- even though i don't really wanna go there, i got a $12,000 a year scholarship from Catawba College, my backup school (:
- i got two A+'s and two A's first semester and i'm still doing pretty well this semester despite having 3 AP classes!

EDIT: i completely forgot to write about the vocal competitions i've been in!!
- i won the vocal division of the bland competition!!! got $100 (: going to the district level this sunday!
- i won the vocal division of the 24th annual young performing artists competition in hampton! got a $500 savings bond (:
- after winning, i got to sing 6 songs for 25 minutes in a recital with two amazing pianists and a RIDICULOUSLY amazing violinist who won overall champion (: so awesome!! there's a DVD being made of it that i should get someday :P
- i got superiors at federation festival (: doing the mary smart competition in 2 weeks and then hopefully going to the state level!
- i just found out i won $200 from the williamsburg music club auditions this past saturday (: yaaay! i didn't really place but i am very excited to get that much (:
- ohhh and instrumentally (hehe), the lafayette honors band got straight superiors at band festival a couple weeks ago :D :D :D i had 3 solos... hehe (: so i felt really cool (: one of them was on soprano sax so i felt EXTRA cool. i kinda screwed up one of the alto solos but the soprano one was pretty good (: GOD'S GRACEEEE

God has taken care of me so much through these competitions! so much encouragement from them, and the money is very much needed to help pay for belmont. the 25 min recital was reeeally fun too (: hehe kay END EDIT

basically my life is pretty amazing. God always takes such good care of me! i haven't been very peaceful lately and i'm ticking myself off because i have SO MUCH to be thankful for and SO MUCH evidence that God always has my back! i just need to remind myself... some of my past entries are helping :P it's so much easier to walk out on what i wrote in "you don't need to guard your own heart" when nobody's interested in you... haha :P i've been extra busy with the musical... rehearsal starts at 9am tomorrow and i'm supposed to have costumes for each scene (which i don't) and then i have to leave early for music club auditions and then come back... but God's gonna help me through it all (:


[OH HAY, since i edited this anyway.... everything worked out great with costumes for hairspray rehearsal and as i already wrote i got $200 from music club (: and i got to hang out with naomi & tori, my besties, and see the play naomi was in and it was amazing! and we got to chill afterwards and they really helped me by giving me advice that's helped a lot for me to be more peaceful (: also church sunday was great. YEAHHHH GOD = AMAZING ALLLLLL THE TIMEEEEEE]

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Jan. 1st, 2011 | 01:39 am
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: more than useless - relient k

happy new year :D

in 2010, i:
- grew way closer to God
- conquered something i'd struggled with for a long time
- gained much wisdom
- acquired a love for serving others
- took on a lot more responsibility
- grew in self-discipline and maturity
- went on the south beach diet and lost about 20 pounds
- still did lots of silly, immature things
- got my first job ever
- was horn line captain in marching band and gained a lot of leadership experience
- got waaaay better at singing
- applied to Belmont University
- saw my two favorite bands, Paramore and Relient K, together at the same show TWICE (for the first time). 4/28/10 spring tour in charlottesville, 7/30/10 honda civic in norfolk.
- participated in the 24 hours of prayer at family camp - most amazing experience ever (prayed for an hour in the house of his healing presence)
- might add more later but i work the morning shift tomorrow and i'm exhausted haha

in 2011, i will:
- read the entire Bible
- continue to grow as a daughter of God
- turn 18 and become an adult
- graduate from high school
- move away and go to college
- write a lot of songs
- get waaay better at singing
- trust God more
- still do silly, immature things - but learn from them
- not limit God.

i noticed, i know this week is a symbol of how i use my time.
resented? i spent it convincing myself the world's doing just fine
without me
doing anything of any consequence
without me
showing any sign of ever making sense
of my time
it's my life
and my right to use it like i should
like He would
for the good of everything that i would ever know

i'm a little more than useless

- more than useless, relient k
(first song i listened to in 2011)

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christmas 2010 (:

Dec. 25th, 2010 | 11:51 pm

i've never done just an update blog... i think it's kinda silly i guess, but i want to inform the world of my christmas experience this year and i don't think my facebook friends would be very happy about the extraordinarily long status update that could result.

CHRISTMAS EVE! christmas eve was fantastic. woke up around 10am - just late enough to be considered sleeping in - and proceeded to be lazy around the house for a little bit and then i went to deliver presents to some friends with my dad (: dropped off an uber late birthday gift + xmas to hannah and then met naomi and tori at harbour coffee in new town (never been there before! super cute christian coffee shop, they had a guy there playing guitar and singing!) and gave them their gifts (: i had a chicken wrap... it was DELICIOUS. and a small cold chai. yum! (okay i'm going into waaaay too much detail now. oh well.) it was great seeing them and giving them their gifts and they gave me one too (: "The Confident Woman" by joyce meyer. gonna start that one tonight if i can find the energy haha (pretty exhausted). anyways,

THEN my dad and i got back home just in time for heather and jason, my cousin and her husband, to show up (: we had lunch with them and exchanged gifts since they weren't in town for very long. they got me the book "Wicked" with the sequel "Son of a Witch" included (: idk when i'll ever find time to read it but i'm sure i'll enjoy it! and a cute little quote magnet haha. lunch was yummyyyy. then after they left we went to Christmas Town at busch gardens :D it was sooo much fun (: i love just being silly with my parents. we had a great time. then we got home and crashed. tee hee (: (we counted the gift exchange with the Moores as our christmas eve presents.)

i can't believe i'm writing this much.
as a side note, i saw It's a Wonderful Life all the way through for the first time the night before christmas eve (: it was soooo goooood!!! best movie ever! i'm kind of in love. i deff teared up when all the people came to his house and gave him lots of money. just a testament to God's glory and abundance and mercy and grace etc etc etc.

CHRISTMAS DAY! got up at 9am, my daddy made me breakfast (: 2 eggs and some sausage! topped off with some irish breakfast tea (: yummmm. then i hopped in the shower and by the time i was done and dressed my dad had brought my grandma over from her nursing home place and we were ready to open presents!

here is the only part that is very interesting at all: PRESENTS!
i got:
- the traditional new pajamas that i am wearing right now (: uber cute and fit really well!
- A FREAKIN KEYBOARD!!!! like the piano kind (: i already knew cuz i was with my parents when they bought it on black friday but this was the first time i got to play it (: i love it!!!!
- keyboard stand, sustain pedal, bench, accessories for the keyboard haha (:
- new headphones!! specifically to use with my keyboard but will also be good for ipod listening (:
- $50 from my grandpa! yeah buddyyyyy
- a cute scarf from my aunt & uncle
- a tool kit from my other aunt & uncle... lol! my parents say it will be really useful in college... :P
- a book called "The Confident Woman" by joyce meyer from tori & naomi! and a bar of godiva chocolate that i am extremely tempted to start eating right now.... ;)
- a small size new NLT bible!!!! so stoked about this. now i have no excuse for not reading the bible! making a commitment to read the entire bible throughout 2011 (: already have the plan and everything!
- did i mention the keyboard? oh right... (:
- a genuine pearl necklace with earrings! will deff come in handy (:
- set of silver butterfly necklace & earrings (:
- toy story 3 and shrek 3 haha (:
- back in thanksgiving at that gift exchange (with my mom's side of the family), i got two new scarves and a cute little frame with a decorated "V" (:

i thiiink that's it (:
i am so blessed!!! i am so thankful to be part of a family that is so giving and so in love with God (: we are so abundantly blessed! i think about people who are lucky if they get ONE present for christmas and i've gotten more than i would care to count! this christmas was really special for me because it's the first christmas i've had since i've had a JOB, so i could actually buy gifts for everybody this year (: i really enjoyed giving back to the people who've been giving me so much for so long. i pray that they all enjoy their gifts even more than i'm sure i'll be enjoying mine (:

gosh i sound like such a goody-two-shoes snob. i apologize.

anyways, i really love all my presents (: after the main present-opening event, my mom got busy cooking our big christmas dinner (we had to have it really early since i had to work today from 4:15-close). i helped her out some... tee hee. we all sat down to eat around 1:30 i suppose and it was SOOO GOOOOD. christmas ham of course, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, salad, all the essentials (: mom also made mashed sweet potatoes but they weren't ready in time for dinner :( but i'll be eating plenty of them tomorrow (: then we had sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. YUMMM. i also drank a whole glass of champagne. it was delicious lol.

THENNN the other brinkleys came over (: we had a good time eating and did our gift exchange and hung out for a while (: then i had to go to work... 4:15-close :( (we close at 9.) i just got home a couple hours ago. it wasn't too bad. i get paid double time :D so i guess it was worth it haha. the brinkleys (ALL of them!) had dinner at great wolf lodge's restaurant and i timed my break to be able to come upstairs and eat with them for a little while (: that was really fun.

AND IT SNOWED LIKE CRAZY. it took me like 10 minutes to get all the snow off my car before i could come home tonight haha.

i then proceeded to put my new pjs on and play music on my new keyboard with my new headphones. now i'm writing this ridiculously long blog that no one in their right mind will read. next i'm gonna alternate between reading my new NLT bible and The Confident Woman and the CD for installing stuff for my new keyboard and surfing the old internet haha.


oh hey i forgot! i also got a 2011 grad ornament!!! put that on the tree (: exciting!!!

He's the reason for the season!

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(no subject)

Dec. 24th, 2010 | 10:18 am

picture that has since been deleted.

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Nov. 13th, 2010 | 07:26 pm
music: god's love in my soulll hehe (:

so i just spent a hot minute outside in the freezing cold (haha that's funny) talkin to God.
i really needed it.
i've been settling for so much less than God's promises lately and i'm DONE.
i kicked Satan out of my life tonight.
i'm going to fight him now.
he has no right to plant stress and worry and fear and insecurity and disappointment in my life.
God has promised me abundance and perfection, and He is faithful.
i have the right to live completely and entirely worry-free.
i'm going to walk out on that right.
right now.
college essays? tuition? hurting friendships? self-doubt?
i'm gonna party in heaven for eternity no matter what i do!!!
what is there to worry about!?
God has my back.
i am so completely provided for.
i am throughly furnished unto every good work.
i will not settle for less than every cent God has promised me.
it's like slapping Him in the face to settle for anything less.

it was so cold outside but i felt so warm.
when i went outside my heart was pounding in my chest.
i wasn't upset or excited or anything,
i was just not restful at all. or peaceful.
i was uneasy and anxious.
because i wasn't remembering all of the amazing things God has promised me.

life is chilling with God and His beautiful children.
life is peace and joy and laughter and hope.
life is worry-free.
life is showing that to the people who don't know what life is.
that's all i care about...
school and grades and essays and money and friendships and worldly accomplishments will help me in this world...
but God gives me all the help i need in life.
all that stuff is just extra.
and He's with me every step of the way.

this isn't pretty or anything. just typing without really thinking much about it.
i am just so sick of praying without any faith behind it. God, please do this and please do this and please do this and i love you. oh wait, my day is sucking. why?
because i forget.
i forget my gifts and rights as a daughter of GOD, the creator of the freaking universe.
i am so sick of being another stressed out high school senior.

i am God's daughter.

what is there to worry about?

"what would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

from now on, this.

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so i'll ask one thing...

Oct. 22nd, 2010 | 11:49 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: coffee - copeland

why is it so easy to turn away?

you're on top of the world,
you're on fire for God,
you are literally
w o r r y - f r e e
so incomprehensible in this world
because you can EXPECT God to fulfill
every need,
every desire,
every promise
without a doubt
pray without ceasing,
rejoice evermore,
in everything give thanks...
the peace that passes understanding
blessed with all spiritual blessings
e v e r y t h i n g good

and yet we turn away

you let yourself be tired even when you know God can take it away
you let yourself feel lonely when you know God is all you ever need
you let the world box you into its standard negativity
you let yourself blend in with the hopeless, the helpless, the desperate
when a world of bliss is closer than your next breath

this world is not my home
i'm just a-passin' through
my treasures are laid up
somewhere beyond the blue
the angels beckon me from heaven's open door
and i can't feel at home in this world anymore

don't find a home in this world...
it's so easy when everyone around you is so embedded in it,
but our home is not here
our home is a place where stress is not an option,
where love floods every part of every heart
pure peace
whole joy
unconditional love
patience, wisdom, instruction, charity, compassion

don't let a world of broken hearts and conflict replace your Home
we are foreigners from the land of trust, patience and peace
don't replace your gems with gravel
don't replace your Creator with friends
don't replace your wisdom with man-made philosophies

Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us. - James 1:27 NLT

so i'll ask one thing, just one thing of You
don't ever turn me loose, even when i turn my back

sahara - relient k

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you don't have to guard your own heart [don't forget]

Sep. 13th, 2010 | 02:59 pm

it's easy to doubt your self-worth when people treat you poorly.
how could you be a precious, fragile gem when someone handles you so roughly?
you must be old and worthless and worn, like a forgotten rag
used for the task of the moment,
too tattered and filthy to notice damage.
and yet you do feel it,
you get scratched and bruised so easily,
and you don't understand why.
it shouldn't be normal,
otherwise wouldn't people treat you with the utmost care?

so maybe you build up a wall of protection
but it makes you forget how to feel, numb
it makes you forget that there is something precious and fragile and valuable underneath
it makes you hard

people forget how precious and fragile you are - but don't let yourself forget.
God doesn't.
in His eyes,
[the only true sight]
you are an indispensable part of His Masterpiece
you were created with a complexity and exquisite singularity that science has not understood.
you are more fragile than the thinnest glass, more precious than the most costly gem,
more valuable to God than any other,
and as worthy of God's love as His perfect son Jesus Christ.
and God knows it!
God treats you with more care and tender love than you could imagine
and He heals and mends and strengthens your broken parts.
He is your perfect protector.
He is your strength and your rock.
don't trust anybody else with your heart
until you find the guy (or girl) who knows how fragile and precious you are
and who treats you as if you could shatter at any moment,
whose heart is God's, and whom God trusts with your most fragile heart.

you don't have to guard your own heart

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